The Hola Mexico Film Festival is the largest festival of Mexican cinema outside Mexico!

The next HMFF will take place on June 7 – 11, 2017. The festival takes place in various venues in Downtown LA, including Regal Cinemas LA LIVE, Cinepolis Pico Rivera and LA Plaza De Cultura Y Artes. The festival is divided into 5 sections:

  • México Ahora – The majority of the festivals programing is comprised in this section. México Ahora features the best of Mexican film released in recent year and it covers every genre of film. These films will make us laugh, cry and reflect.
  • Nocturno –This section presents a sampling of the best horror films being produced in Mexico. These films will either scare us or introduce us to a world of pain and suffering – physically or mentally.
  • Documental –Watch real life stories unfold in front of you, often with more drama than any fiction could provide.
  • Hola Niños – In Mexico, animated films have grown in production and success, as of today, some of the biggest box office hits in Mexico are animations. And in Los Angeles, we know the importance of maintaining a close connection to our roots. This section provides a little cheer for the young ones allowing them to experience films in their native language. This section looks to show the best of Mexico’s animated films.
  • Nuevas Voces – The future of Mexican cinematography is being written, shot and produced every day. Every year there are new directors releasing their films, and as a festival, we want to help these new directors debut their first work. The discovery of new talent starts here.

Trying to reach a cultured, educated Hispanic audience? Hola Mexico Film Festival reaches millions of people across the USA and Mexico trough its marketing campaign, media coverage and festival attendees. Contact us now to see how the Hola Mexico Film Festival can develop a tailored sponsorship opportunity to satisfy your marketing goals.

The festival is always looking for the best in Mexican cinema. We are primarily invitation-only, but if you think your film should be in our festival, please contact us.

Hola Mexico is the best opportunity to screen your film in Los Angeles in front of a mixed audience of avid fans of Mexican cinema and industry people. The festival takes place in Downtown LA which gives the opportunity for people form all over Los Angeles to attend the screenings and parties.