Welcome to the Hola Mexico Film Festival, a prestigious celebration of Mexican cinema held in the heart of Los Angeles. As the largest Mexican film festival outside of Mexico, we pride ourselves on our commitment to showcasing the richness of Mexican storytelling.

Location & Venue

Annually, in the fall, we light up the screens at the illustrious Regal Cinemas in LA LIVE, located in vibrant downtown Los Angeles.

Our Audience & Reach

Join us for an immersive cinematic experience, with directors, producers, and actors from the industry gracing our event. The festival boasts significant highlights including:

  • Opening Night Film: A US premiere.
  • Closing Night: Musically themed.
  • Three Galas: Hosted at the Premiere House with an 800-seat capacity and an expansive 80-foot screen.
  • General Screenings: Held in Auditorium 8 & 9, comfortably seating 300 attendees.


Festival Categories

  • México Ahora: The best of fiction films emerging from Mexico in the recent year.
  • Nocturno: Explore the mysterious, bizarre, and spine-chilling horror films produced in Mexico.
  • Documental: Experience powerful real-life narratives, often more dramatic than fiction.
  • Hola Niños: Celebrate the world of animation with films crafted for young hearts and families.
  • Nuevas Voces: Spotlighting first-time directors and breakthrough talent. Each year, in collaboration with Cinelatino, we present the Audience Award worth $3,000+ USD to a deserving director.


Why Premiere with HMFF? Screening your film at the Hola Mexico Film Festival provides unparalleled advantages:

  • Industry Exposure: A prime location for your film to be reviewed by leading industry publications.
  • Community Connection: Engage with the largest Mexican community outside of Mexico.
  • Industry Confluence: Experience the nexus of Hollywood and international cinema.


Whether you’re an industry veteran or a budding filmmaker, the Hola Mexico Film Festival provides the perfect stage. We welcome films that resonate with our mission and captivate our audience. For potential film submissions or inquiries, reach out to us.

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