UNAM – Hola Mexico Film Festival

Tomorrow’s Filmmakers, Today Program

Our intensive filmmaking program will provide our participants a unique opportunity to interact with prominent Hollywood and Mexican Filmmakers through classes, seminars, studio visits and film screenings during 10 days of the 8th annual Hola Mexico film Festival from May 13 to May 22, 2016.

The program includes:

  • Visit to CAA and meetings with agents
  • Visit to film studios and conversations with executives
  • Panel on Cinematography
  • Production classes
  • Opportunity to watch all films of the festival
  • Ten days of networking opportunities with directors, producers and actors

The program is designed for actors, writers, directors, producers and cinematographers with produced work and relevant, current experience in short film, feature film or any form of entertainment.


Welcome to our participants:

Carlos Aguilar
Esteban Arango
Angie Aurana
Kimberly Bautista
Juan Luis Bravo
Christian Contreras
Fabian Euresti
Eloisa Garcia
Lorena Gordon
Jonathan Francisco Infante
Silvia Lara
Juan Martinez Vera
Diego Najera Martinez
Gabriela Paciel
Anthony Perez
Jackie Perez
Luis Sanchez
Vladimir Santos
Francisco Tejeda
Andrew Vazquez
Alan Vidali
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