Opening Night Gala

Join us for this screening followed by a star-studded after-party in the heart of Hollywood.

The Good Girls

(Las Ninas Bien)

Directed by: Alejandra Márquez Abella

Surrounded by extravagant luxury, Sofía de Garay (Ilse Salas) lives in a dreamlike cloud of opulence in 1980s Mexico City. Her days are filled with lavish soirees, designer dresses, country-club tennis matches, and all the pleasures reserved for the upper crust. In this world, appearances are everything and friendships are only as strong as your financial status. However, when Mexico’s 1982 economic crisis hits her husband’s business hard, the elegant lifestyle Sofia is accustomed to falls to pieces right before her eyes. Soon, her arrogance turns into desperation, as she is forced to confront her new reality.

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El Otro México

Highlighting experiences of Mexicans rarely portrayed on screen, these films skillfully

present perceptive narratives that challenge the status quo.

Black Mexicans

(La Negrada)

Directed by: Jorge Pérez Solano

Shot entirely in small towns throughout Oaxaca’s gorgeous Costa Chica, this is the first Mexican fiction film to portray the country’s long-neglected black population.

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The Chambermaid

(La Camarista)

Directed by: Lila Avilés

An intimate look at the life of a housekeeper in a lavish Mexico City hotel. Despite her labor-intensive job, Eve (Gabriela Cartol), the film’s quiet heroine, is eager to pursue her ambitions for a better life.

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Guie’dani’s Navel

(El Ombligo De Guie’dani)

Directed by: Xavi Sala

A Zapotec teenager who moves to Mexico City with her mother to work as a housekeeper for an upper-middle-class family.

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Mist of Guilt

(Niebla de Culpa)

Directed by: Francisco Laresgoiti

Starring Academy Award nominated actress Marina de Tavira (“Roma”), Francisco Laresgoiti’s searing feature comments on the abuse, lack of opportunities, and injustices afflicting people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Mexico, and the entitlement of the ruling class.

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