Hola Mexico Film Festival - 2020 Festival Guide

Desde tu infierno

Directed by: Alexis Pérez Montero
Language: Spanish (English Subtitles)
Year of Production: 2020
TRT: 83 Min
Country of Origin: México
Aroa Gimeno, Emilio Savinni, Alejandro Cuétara, Ender Cárdenas

Mexico 1928. Santiago lives with his mother Alejandra and her stepfather Arturo. Their apparent peace is interrupted by a strange presence that only Santiago feels. David, Alejandra’s husband, who disappeared and was believed dead, seems to have returned and will not stop haunting them until he’s taken revenge.

México 1928. Santiago vive con su madre Alejandra y su padrastro Arturo. La aparente paz en la que viven se ve interrumpida por una extraña presencia que solo Santiago siente. David, el esposo de Alejandra, quien desapareció y creyó que estaba muerto, parece haber regresado y no se detendrá hasta que se cumpla su venganza

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2020 Festival Lineup

This year, all 20 films with be available to watch on Pantaya, click to take a peak at this years selection. 


Each film will be followed by an exclusive Q&A video with filmmakers & cast.

SEPTEMBER 11-20, 2020

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