Hola Mexico Film Festival - 2020 Festival Guide



Directed by: Rodrigo Hernández Tejero, Elpida Nikou
Language:Spanish (English Subtitles)
Year of Production: 2020
TRT: 71 Min
Country of Origin:México
Cast: Jair Cabrera, Jesús Villaseca

In Iztapalapa, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Mexico City, Jair Cabrera, a young photographer, observes and portrays the consequences of a corrupt system and a war not yet assimilated.


En Iztapalapa , uno de los barrios más peligrosos de la Ciudad de México, Jair Cabrera, un joven fotógrafo, observa y retrata las consecuencias de un sistema corrupto y una guerra todavía no asimilada.


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2020 Festival Lineup

This year, all 20 films with be available to watch on Pantaya, click to take a peak at this years selection. 


Each film will be followed by an exclusive Q&A video with filmmakers & cast.

SEPTEMBER 11-20, 2020

This year, watch the entire Hola Mexico 2020 Festival for just $4.99! 

The Largest Mexican Film Festival outside of Mexico, celebrating our 12th year.