Hola Mexico Film Festival - 2020 Festival Guide

Érase Una Vez

Once Upon A Time

Directed by: Juan Carlos Rulfo
Language:Spanish (English Subtitles)
Year of Production: 2020
TRT: 80 Min
Country of Origin:México
Cast: Luisa Rulfo Leduc, Guillermo Velázquez, Vincent Velázquez, Edwin San Juan Santes, Laura Evelyn Lorenzo ReyesSimón Hernández Candela, Juan Tapia Morales, Tenerino Morán, Alejandrino García Castaño

Through the imagination and gaze of Luisa, a 10-year-old girl, we travel through Mexico to discover traditions aimed at children related to the meaning of life within a diverse and complex country.

A través de la imaginación y la mirada de Luisa, una niña de 10 años, viajamos por México para descubrir las tradiciones infantiles en torno al significado de la vida dentro de un país diverso y complejo.

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2020 Festival Lineup

This year, all 20 films with be available to watch on Pantaya, click to take a peak at this years selection. 


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SEPTEMBER 11-20, 2020

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