June 1st – 9th, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA 10mo ANIVERSARIO EN LA TERRAZA DEL MONTALBAN THEATER ROOFTOP CINEMA CLUB: Amores Perros de Alejandro G Iñarritu Y Tu Mama Tabien de Alfonso Cuaron Pan’s Labyrinth de Guillermo Del Toro HOLA NIÑOS: Ana y Bruno de Carlos Carrera DOCUMENTAL: Rush Hr de Luciana Kaplan Los Ojos

Join us as the Hola Mexico Film Festival celebrates our 10th Anniversary! Every Thursday from April 5th until May 24th, enjoy a special presentation of our opening Night Selections for the past 9 years!  In addition, there will be an art gallery at the lobby of the cinema of the consul, displaying each of the festival posters from

To All Talented Emerging Latino Filmmakers of Los Angeles: Be part of a growing network of filmmakers eager to voice their creative work and engage in meaningful collaborations by applying to Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today 2018. The 20 selected filmmakers will spend 10 days participating in conversations with top leaders of the Mexican and Hollywood film

A unique and introspective look inside one of Latin America’s top alternative-rock music acts. The film takes you on a contemplative and audio/visual journey through one of the bands decisive years. “Panoramas” is a Cinéma Vérité style portrait of Zoé.