HOLA AUSTRALIA 2016 August 9 – 31 After a few years of absence, it’s a real delight to be back in Australia as part of the Cine Latino Film Festival from Palace Cinemas. A bright opportunity to watch films from all Latin American countries. This year, we’ve put together a small, but strong program made

APPLICATIONS HAVE NOW BEEN CLOSED Hola Mexico Film Festival is seeking 30 talented hispanic filmmakers between the ages of 18 to 30 years old from the greater eastern part of Los Angeles County to apply to this unique, fully funded opportunity: UNAM – Hola Mexico Film Festival Tomorrow’s Filmmakers, Today Program Our intensive filmmaking program

The Skirball Cultural Center presents the series Latin Jewish Life in Film as part of “VIVA!,” an ongoing Skirball initiative that explores the connections between Jewish and Latin American cultures through lectures, conversations, and performing, visual, and media arts. The films that have been selected are: El Misterio de la Felicidad (The Mystery of Happiness)

Celebremos sus triunfos imitando las buenas prácticas que hace como profesional, más que salir al Ángel de la Independencia a festejarlo. Ahora como gran ganador de tres Óscares seguidos, Emmanuel Lubezki ya tiene un lugar privilegiado en la historia de México. Más allá de los chorros de premios, la grandeza del Chivo se debe a

Cuando nos tocan el son de la censura salta nuestro orgullo de inmediato para derribarla.  Sí, somos fanáticos del morbo y de la defensa de cualquier causa, sin importar de qué trate o a quién afecte. Así es nuestro sentimiento como mexicanos, solidarios a morir y capaces de convertir en enemigo público en segundos al

Mexicans at Sundance A short-film, a documentary and the latest film by Diego Luna invaded Utah’s Park City at the worlds best indie film festival. The mecca of independent film had a flair for Mexico as it welcomed one of our best, actor-producer Diego Luna who arrived at Park City mountains with his Canana teammates to

Where is the Mexican audience? I just attended the Arthouse Convergence, the most important gathering for Arthouse Cinema owners in the USA. Foreign and independent film and film festival programmers were also in attendance. One of the questions I heard the most was: How can I reach the Mexican audience? 30 million Mexicans and approximately

The Hola Mexico Film Festival is the largest Mexican film festival held outside of Mexico. The festival screens annually every May in the center of Los Angeles, at the prestigious Regal Cinemas in LA LIVE. Directors, producers and actors are invited to attend the festival. The festival showcases an Opening Night Film (US premiere), Closing

For those of you who didn’t know, the Hola Mexico Film Festival is distributing the film East Side Sushi across California September 18th, and depending on the success of the release, we may reach other cinemas across USA in the weeks that follow. As a festival, we’ve often get contacted by cinemas all over the